About Us

About the BCA-SIA-SGBC International Tropical Architecture Design (ITAD) Competition for Institutes of Higher Learning

Jointly organised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), the ITAD Competition is part of the annual Singapore Green Building Week and co-located with the International Green Building Conference (IGBC) in Singapore. With a focus on tropical green architecture and sustainable building design solutions, the ITAD Competition is opened to students from institutes of higher learning around the world.

Launched in 2011, the ITAD Competition aims to reach out to students – the leaders of tomorrow, in sustainable developments and raise awareness in the areas of sustainability and mitigating climate change. The ITAD Competition encourages students to explore vast realms of knowledge revolving around sustainability, and provides a platform for them to showcase their innovative sustainable design ideas.

Singapore’s Green Building Journey

Singapore has set a national target to green 80% of all buildings, including existing building stock, by 2030. The Singapore green building journey began in 2005 with the launch of BCA Green Mark Scheme, a green building rating system that evaluates buildings for their environmental impact and performance, with the objective of raising awareness of sustainable developments.

Through the years, Singapore developed Green Building Masterplans to chart the way for our green building journey. Emphasis was placed on the greening of New Buildings in the 1st Green Building Masterplan launched in 2006, the subsequent 2nd Green Building Masterplan in 2009 focused more on Existing Buildings. In 2014, the 3rd Masterplan was released, with the progressive shift of focus towards occupant behaviors to achieve sustainable and highly energy efficient buildings.

Today, Singapore has more than 2,300 Green Mark building projects, covering 67 million square meters of built-up space. This represents more than 27% of the entire building stock in Singapore (as of March 2015), which makes Singapore one of the leading cities in the world in terms of per capita green building space. Singapore’s efforts in greening the built environment over the past 10 years have also gained recognition regionally and internationally, with various awards and accolades including the 2010 Energy and Environment Award (Government Category) awarded by the Aspen Institute in US, the Regional Leadership Award in 2011 from the World Green Building Council, and the International Star for Energy Efficiency Award (I-Star) in 2013 awarded by the Alliance to Save Energy in US.